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How do you pronounce krug2ke?

Krug2ke — stands for krug dvojke. It is pronounced "krug dvoY-keh"

What is krug2ke all about?

Krug2ke is a collaborative web site written and produced by Tanja, Jelena and Aleksandar who grew up in Belgrade, Serbia. We write about the world around us.

What does krug2ke mean?

When translated from Serbian, krug2ke refers to the path Belgrade's tram #2 takes around the center of Belgrade. In Belgrade, it is common knowledge and also slang to call the central area of the city krug dvojke because of the old red tram #2 route.

We played with krug dvojke spelling since we wanted to have number 2 in our name, just like it was on the tram itself.

krug2ke today?

The three are currently living at east cost — west cost destinations. Mostly New York and Vancouver and they can often be spotted in various cities around the globe.

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