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The idea of krug2ke came to an end.

Feel free to browse through the archives and reminiscent the past. Have fun and see you around.

By saki on Sep 27, 2005 in

Top 5 for 2004

Following the end-of-the-year mood, I decided to post the annual top 5 for the site. A fact worth noticing is that our productive peek is in autumn and winter period, which is quite opposite to our real life rhythm. Hm, hm?!

Months: December, October, September, November, August

Countries: USA, Canada, Great Britain, Serbia, China

Search Engine Robots: Inktomi, Googlebot, MSNBot, AskJeeves, Alexa Continue reading »

By saki on Dec 29, 2004 in

Why we love living in New York / reason #1

Every once in a while, we get fed up of living in New York. Crowded subways, high rent, long lines in front of clubs and a constant challenge of getting a cab on a rainy day make us want to move away. But then there is string of great events, like the one we had last Friday, that remind us why we simply love living in New York. Continue reading »

By kuma on Dec 25, 2004 in 1 comment

Blog scene Srbije, Hrvatske i Bosne

Sa pojavom jednostavnih alata za kreiranje blogova [en] počelo je formiranje lokalnih scena Srbije, Hrvatske i Bosne i Hercegovine. Brži protok informacija, lični pristup u pisanju tekstova i živa diskusija preko komentara pospešuje komunikaciju na relaciji autor—čitaoci i nudi šareniji pogled na teme i dileme današnjice.

Evo prvih utisaka o blog servisima a vama sretno u potrazi za zanimljivim autorima! Continue reading »

By saki on Dec 16, 2004 in 4 comments

Images of Warsaw

New York photographer Filip Kwiatkowski went back to his hometown of Warsaw this past summer. In between all the aunts and uncles and brothers and sisters, he managed to take his equipment out and take a few shots of the city and its people. Continue reading »

By danijela on Nov 28, 2004 in 3 comments