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Images of Warsaw

New York photographer Filip Kwiatkowski went back to his hometown of Warsaw this past summer. In between all the aunts and uncles and brothers and sisters, he managed to take his equipment out and take a few shots of the city and its people.

For everyone who lived or understands life in Eastern Europe, pay special attention to his Playground photo. It is a perfect depiction of an Eastern European playground. I am telling you, this exact photo exists somewhere in Belgrade and probably in many other parts of Eastern Europe. I have seen it many times while growing up in Belgrade. Cracks in the asphalt are a must, as well as the bushes with a life of their own, just growing here and there. Of course, you can’t miss the building in the background. Typical communist architecture - box with many balconies and lots of life inside. Not to sound nostalgic, but I can hear the dishes being washed and can definitely smell the food being prepared while the children are playing outside, on this very playground.

As I said, if you’ve lived in Eastern Europe, you will know what I mean. And if you haven’t, than say hello to a photo that represents a perfect example of a piece of an Eastern European life.

Here is the rest of the small gallery we put together to show Filip Kwiatkowski’s photos from the summer in Warsaw.

By danijela on Nov 28, 2004 in


Red tram looks exactly the same like the trams used by GSP for the last 20 years :)

Love his web site !

I am sure Pols also got it as a "generous" donation from Japan or some other nation that has it together :)