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The city that never sleeps

Last night in Soho, NYC. Hungry around midnight, we were looking for a quick bite to eat.

The streets are crowded and the lines in front of clubs, as always, annoyingly long and populated with people who remind me why my weekends in NYC are strictly reserved for private outings.

We stop at Cafe Gitane right before midnight. We are turned away because "they are closing in a few seconds." We go around the corner to Cafe Havana - also closing. Hm…how about Mexican Radio for some chips and guacamole? That’s right…also closed.

We wonder around. It is little after midnight in Soho and we can’t get any food in the capitol of the world. Restaurants are closed.

What is going on with the city that never sleeps?

By danijela on Jun 21, 2004 in