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Contemporary artists, funky clothing and graffiti
On-line sales collection of contemporary artists. Apart from its originally intended use, take advantage to brush up on your contemporary art history through detailed biography, interviews and tons of other interesting facts about the art scene. Besides the few from the currently hot Saatchi collection ( Damien Hirst, Martin Maloney, Richard Billingham ) you can also find few classic favorites: Ed Ruscha, Andy Goldsworthy, Sebastiao Salgado, Andy Worhol.
Funky clothing house from North Europe. In anticipation of a next door store in the neighborhood, order an interesting catalog which will surprise you in their seasonal - quarterly time schedule. Check out the site. Send a postcard and enjoy in whatever is left from the black and white images of winter… yet another summer-summer time is around the corner :)
Revolution is just about to begin, according to the art of a British graffiti artist who signs his work as Banksy. Weapons: graffiti. Munition: sarcasam. Enemy: controlled mind.
By saki on Apr 1, 2002 in