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Jews and Arabs in Acre
Another interesting story coming from krug2ke’s favorite Thomas Schlijper.
Seven human-interest stories on life in ethnical symbiosis coming from the north of the Israel shore.
Stencil Revolution
Relatively new site dedicated to art of stencils. Good design and huge stencil gallery. Worldwide baby!
London Tube Map with Walklines
Excellent idea and real time saver for those of us always being late ;)
By saki on Oct 14, 2003 in

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Im glad to see the link to Stencil Revolution, I have been watching it for awhile. Its definitely a good site that gives its users insight into this culture. Here are some other references into the world of Stencils:

Wooster Collective Great NYC art collective, right around the corner.

Stencil Graffiti A good overview of some of the best Stencil artists in the world, even from the late 80’s and early 90s. Altough it falls short in some aspects.

and finally:
Scrawl:Dirty Graphics & Strange Characters
Its pretty gritty and dirty, as the title suggests, but has a few gems.

Wow! thanks for Wooster Collective. Few clicks over there and I discovered The London Police We have seen their art in Barcelona this summer. Small world :)

Ahh I also just saw there pieces in Barcelona. definitely a small world. I also saw this on posted on Stencil Revolution about "the next big thing" ;)


P.S. notice who they quote in the article.

Yep, I remember Nissan had similar campaign. Check out this entry (and comments) at What do I Know.

to keep the theme going.

Some say he’s brilliant, some say he is annoying:

Bansky strikes again.

It looks like BBC forgot to mention the price of the video. Quite pricey although it must be fun to watch the full action going on.

"Banksy is selling another version of the painting, with a video of his prank, for 15,000."

This is amazing.

Amazon launched a new service that allows you to search the full text of books for any word.

WORD! ;)

Neat. Here is how it looks like for the word graffiti.

Book excerpts are available for registered user only and this have been implemented at