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Bonjour FG

Toward the end of 90’s, in a high rise of French house music, I got an idea to check out the Paris radio scene on the internet. By chance I stumbled upon radio FG.

Radio FG was one of the first radio stations in Paris, and most likely the world, to adopt the standard format of all House and Techno. Showcasing a fine local electronic lineup, as well as refreshing guests from the global music scene, Radio FG hosts a diverse blend of DJs and MCs—the ladies’ favorite Bob Sinclair, up and coming Parisian deep houser Eva Gardner, Didier Sinclar, Jean-Jérôme, "One 4 the Money-Two 4 the Show" MC Adrian and others. For sure FG’s eclectic crowd, spinning 24/7, will shine on your day regardless of whatever inclemency awaits you outside.

Without question, any music that you listen to daily becomes your personal mainstream, and after endless replays, boredom inevitably sets in. This is when radio, one of the world’s truly great achievements, is a lifesaver. Guests come, somebody else plays you music, you’re enlightened with interesting news and (sometimes interesting) commercials, you practice your French, and then gradually…that invigorating feeling that you’re part of an ongoing global party. Add to this the savior we call the internet, and hopefully a decent connection speed, and you’re blessed with a brilliant creation.

And this is how my morning starts (in my sleepy North American life ) filled with the carefree pulse of Parisian dance sounds and with a morning fix of Nescafe. As I am walking out the door, taking a distinct French vibe with me, it feels like I’m grooving my way to a good party, instead of drudging off to support local trade and a shaken world economy.

Therefore, point your mp3s stream player at 128 Kbps@44Khz link, adjust your volume, and enjoy…musique Electronique.

Radio FG live (mp3 stream)

By saki on Apr 1, 2002 in