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Screen resolution anchorage

With all those fancy new LCD screens and big 21" CRTs, one would think that more and more people are enjoying higher screen resolutions for their everyday use.

Au contraire, OneStat reported yesterday that the majority of Internet users are still using 1024x768 and 800x600 screen resolutions.

I see a couple of reasons for this. First, monitor is one of the most expensive parts of computer system and people who are not Web professionals or gaming fans usually don’t see the reason for such investment.

Aside from price, lots of people don’t have enough place to fit those big boxes, since the screen size will follow the overall size of the monitor.

Third reason for pages being built 800x600 resolution are business users. Having in mind IT crises and massive layoffs in last 3 years, companies are still using and re-using fair amount of old laptops and 17" CRT screens.

It would be interesting to see how will the upcoming wave of LCD technology change this in years to come. Until then, enjoy the "focused view" of today’s mainstream resolutions, and make sure you practice those healthy work habits such as focusing distant objects every 15minutes, taking a break every hour or two and my favorite, rolling your eyeballs in both! directions ;)

By saki on Jun 27, 2003 in


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