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Creative Commons

From now on krug2ke is not going to reserve all rights to it’s articles. Instead, we are moving to a more flexible copyright license created by Creative Commons. This copyright license reserves some rights to our articles, not all.

What "some rights reserved" in our copyright license means is that you may copy, distribute, display, and perform our articles.

It also means that you must give us the original author credit, that you may not use our work for commercial purposes, and that you may not alter, transform, or build upon our work.

Below, on the bottom of our home page, you will find the Creative Commons logo. If you click on it, it will take you to a human-readable summary of the copyright license. There, you will also have a link to the text of the full license…that most will not want to get into :)

We are doing this because we think that increasingly restrictive copyright rules create barriers to creativity. We value innovation and think that creativity should be protected. We also think that existing copyright rules are getting a little bit out of balance. And to a team like ours, being out of balance is really not a way to go. We are all about balance, and balance in everything, including copyright. So the "some rights reserved" license simply comes natural to us :)

By danijela on Nov 1, 2003 in