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Tesla — Master of Lightning

Too bad Nikola Tesla didn’t use a good intellectual property law firm, says a US law firm in their advertisement.

Do you know who Tesla is?

Think radio. Think electricity. Think transmitting electricity over long distances. Think - Not on friendly terms with Edison.

Tesla is a Serbian inventor, engineer and scientist. Continue reading »

By danijela on Aug 26, 2004 in 2 comments

Economy Class Travel

Let me tell you™, I have been travelling economy class all my life, since my first flight as a one month old baby on the trip from Belgrade, Serbia to Pula, Croatia. I imagine myself on my number one flight looking at a first class baby happily kicking across her own seat and sipping on organic milk, while the rest of us babies flying economy, sit strapped to our moms’ laps, yet to get any attention from flight attendants. Continue reading »

By danijela on Feb 8, 2004 in

Creative Commons

From now on krug2ke is not going to reserve all rights to it’s articles. Instead, we are moving to a more flexible copyright license created by Creative Commons. This copyright license reserves some rights to our articles, not all.

What "some rights reserved" in our copyright license means is that you may copy, distribute, display, and perform our articles. Continue reading »

By danijela on Nov 1, 2003 in

Bourdin vs. Madonna

Madonna, known for her unprecedented fight against copyright infringement, (remember "what the fuck do you think you are doing?" ), is now being sued for the same.

Samuel Bourdin, son of the famous French fashion photographer, sued Madonna for copying his late father’s images in a set of videos for her song "Hollywood." The lawsuit accuses Madonna of copyright infringement for her imitation of poses and images in at least 11 Guy Bourdin’s works from fashion shoots in the late 1970s and 1980s. Continue reading »

By danijela on Oct 6, 2003 in

Jury duty

I came convinced that I will not be selected. I heard they usually skip lawyers.

It was just two days after my return from Europe. Powered with the latest issues of "Hello", "OK", "Politika", Serbian Intellectual Property Gazette and lots of positive energy, I was ready. Ready not to get annoyed with having to infinitely wait in extremely low temperatures of the air-condition empire.

I thought — Give honest answers, tell them you are a lawyer, then be excused. Simple. Yet, I found myself hearing my name perfectly pronounced and declared as the juror #10. Continue reading »

By danijela on Sep 20, 2003 in 1 comment

Origins of Copyright

It happened in Ireland, around 500 AD. An Irish monk St. Columba borrowed a then famous book from a monastery and copied it without permission.

In 561 AD he was brought to court. The High King Diarmuid’s decision was possibly the earliest precedent of copyright law. He said:

"To every cow its calf, to every book, its copy"

St. Columba didn’t agree and Battle of the Book at Cooldrumman ensued where 3000 men have died. As punishment, St. Columba was forced to live in exile. Continue reading »

By danijela on Jun 22, 2003 in

21st Century Female Attorney Defined

21st Century Female Attorney = she does not work at a big firm. she is a woman first, and then an attorney. she has a balanced life. she occasionally wears red nail polish. she has a self-imposed policy of minimum six weeks vacation a year.

By danijela on Jun 21, 2003 in