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Bravo komšije!

250,000th Audi TT Leaves Production Line

"A production total of 250,000 for the Audi TT demonstrates the success of this model and the expertise of our Hungarian workforce. This is also reflected by the high level of demand," declared Thomas Faustmann, Managing Director of AUDI HUNGARIA MOTOR Kft., a fully-owned subsidiary of AUDI AG.


Audi Hungaria, based in Györ, is also the principal engine supplier of the Audi Group. It has been Hungary’s largest exporter for many years, and is one of the country’s highest-revenue enterprises.

By saki on Oct 26, 2004 in


Ahhh yes, what a great feat, for a such a great car!


Here are some images of a possible New Audi TT.

But I still prefer and hope for the Audi A3.

And if you really feeling like delving into the world of VW/Audi "Geekness" you can spend hours on VWVortex

Bravo! Klishe aleve paprike je pobedjen :)
Bravo! Cliché of Paprika (as a countrys major exporting good) has been defeated.