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gypsy lifestyle

Late summer

Monday, 30th of August, 30°C. I can barely breathe yet people say summer is over. Good luck if you are like us trying to find that perfect white beach tunic or even a beach towel… its all gone, some 3 weeks ago during the "everything must go" summer sales. New York is already daydreaming about autumn.

For us summer lasts until the last day we can wear sandals and our feet do not turn blue. We don’t measure our seasons by Barneys windows and editorials in Harpers Bazaar. No we don’t. Continue reading »

By kuma on Aug 31, 2004 in

Berlin and Communist Architecture

Let me tell you(tm), I was put off by Berlin all my life and never had an interest to travel there. Growing up in Belgrade in 1980s we had only two TV channels and somehow both channels did a really good job of rotating WWII movies that made Germans look really bad.

On top of that, I was never impressed by communist-era buildings. I lived in them and was surrounded with them all my life. Never thought much of it. I actually found them ugly, gray and cold looking. Continue reading »

By danijela on Jan 30, 2004 in

Barcelona 2003

It’s been over two months that we returned from our "in 10 days we can do it all" tour of Spain. We treked across Barcelona, drove for endless hours in gigantic Palma de Mallorca, did Sa Trinxa in Ibiza and discovered lovely Formentera.

Here are some things that you should know about Barcelona. The stories about other places will follow. We hope. For the record, we learned our lesson and will, from now on, write our stories on the spot, not 2 months later.

In any event, we tried our best to reconstruct the experience and here’s the result. Continue reading »

By danijela on Nov 24, 2003 in

Summer summary

After 5 weeks of vacation krug2ke crew is back. We enjoyed 3 countries, 3 islands, 4 hotels and many, many beaches. A highly biased story about Spain, Serbia and Croatia is coming very soon in gypsy lifestyle section next to you. Love and respect goes to all those wonderful places we have been part of this summer.

By saki on Sep 9, 2003 in

Summer drinks

Here is an interesting list of Top 10 summer cocktails (via xplane) for those long summer nights. I am adding my personal favorite to this list — Brazilian Caipirinha, a cocktail made with cachaça liquor made from distilled sugar cane juice. Easy to make and plenty to enjoy. Continue reading »

By saki on Jul 8, 2003 in

Miki Forever

Taman kad sam se navikla na pomisao da ovog leta neću ići na Miki, naidjem na članak o Belvedere.

Kaže autor, "For everyone who gave up on Mykonos - Think again!"
Pogledam sajt i eto mene, thinking again:) Continue reading »

By danijela on Jun 24, 2003 in 1 comment

Molton Brown Spa in London's Heathrow

For my sister’s birthday I thought I give her a Molton Brown Spa treatment.

I read an article about this spa a while ago. It seemed like a perfect surprise considering that the Spa is located in Heathrow, opposite gate 10, in terminal 4, and that, as usual, we are travelling from New York back to the Balkans via London Heathrow.

So I thought we stop by for a 30min massage, manicure and facial :) And board that plane to Belgrade refreshed :) Continue reading »

By danijela on Jun 21, 2003 in