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EURO 2004 - not in our homes

Three of us are sitting over our usual weekend breakfast - cup of Nes cafe, fresh baguette, lots and lots of butter and jam, choice of strawberry or raspberry. On a good morning, feta and tomatoes accompany our usual set up. And no, we are not fat, even though, as I put a chunk of butter over my baguette, I wonder about our breakfast habits that are far from light and healthy.

As the matter of fact, our breakfast is so heavy that we sometimes end up having to lay down to digest. Continue reading »

By danijela on Jun 26, 2004 in 2 comments

Adrenaline rush

By far this was the best game I’ve seen on Euro 2004.

Goals by Jan Koller, Milan Baroš and, two minutes from the end, by Vladimír Šmicer, completed a stunning fightback by the Czech Republic after the Netherlands had taken a two-goal lead.

By saki on Jun 20, 2004 in