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Emotions on the wall

A common criterion to guage a painting’s relative "success" is whether or not a viewer even remembers it when seeing it a second time. Among the paintings once again recognized are paintings by Miloš Stevanović.

Their simplicity, most striking in his faceless bodies, is an emotional episode, an unspoken truth, a burst of ever-ripe remembrance. At first glance melancholy, his themes gradually morphe into warm and subtle presentaions of life’s fragments. In all things presented it’s hard not to recognize oneself in an experience that belongs to the other.

Through the canvases painted with people or Danube , which surely remind us of some private moment of those waters, a rippling thread of something Slavic, something uncontrollable and primal. Simple life.

Behind these works stands Miloš Stevanović, a Masters student at Academy of Arts in Belgrade.

Independent exibitions

2001 Galerija Stara Kapetanija, Zemun
2001 Klub Ljubitelja književnosti "Ben Akiba", Beograd

Group exibitions

2000 "Perspektive XXVII" Galerija Andrićev venac, Beograd
2000 "Bez Naziva", Velika Galerija Studentskog Kulturnog Centra, Beograd

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