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Trans Lens

Like a ping-pong ball caught in a neverending rally, Alexander Stikich continuously changes directions, shifting between shooting material for his next short movie on one side and taking photographs on the other. It was during a rare interlude - during a private party at the PS1 museum in New York that we met Alex, who in a large mass of people found himself next to us, close enough to hear and understand our conversation in Serbian. And that is how our knowledge of Alex began - with him waving the camera below our knees, perhaps catching some footage for his next project.

The next day, as we accidentally ran into Alex on a street in Greenwich Village, we realized that he would not drift away like some passer-by in our lives, but instead would unravel as a hyper-energetic person with a surreal vision of our world.

Alex’s work is a mix of paths, starting in Venezuela, where he was born, over to Yugoslavia, where he nourished his surreal subconsciousness, to New York, where Alex currently lives, works, and maps his new destinations. Like a nomad, Alex travels through South and North America, Southeast Europe, Africa and Asia gathering materials for his new projects, taking a particular perspective on life from the spot from which he views (and lives) it.

His photographs were featured last year in the Lower East Side exhibition "Tweeked", where, through his photographs, Alex showed a playful connection between fantasy and reality and an always present dose of humor earning him the status of "one of the ten emerging photographers…" in New York.

Alex also imposes his vision onto film, evidenced by his experimental documentary "Quienes son?", which uses an extraterrestrial metaphor to question the presence of capitalists in the country. This film was one of the 70 selected shorts(out of 3000 submitted) to be shown at the 2002 Sundance Film Festival.

His new projects are "Djinn- Spirit of the Sahara" a documentary about trance possession filmed last year in Morocco, and "Honesto" an experimental documentary about a corrupt third world politician.


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