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Yesterday, girls went for a short excursion to Berlin, which means that I am taking over the site with things related to movies and geek topics ;) First of all there is a European Union Film Festival held in Vancouver from November 26th till December 8th. Perfect timing for all of us who are still waiting for that snow on local mountains.

Speaking of mountains, Cypress opened last Friday while the Whistler is starting today! On geeky side, I was very surprised to see that Whistler-Blackcomb Web site is XHTML Valid. Congrats and kudos to those quality developers out there. Also, Linux movement is getting ready for the release of 2.6 version of the kernel. Hot topic is fully covered in Joseph Pranevich’s extremely interesting article called The Wonderful World of Linux 2.6.

Oket, that would be it for now. Let’s see which topics are we going to have from the happy Berlin team ;)

By saki on Nov 27, 2003 in


hello from zwei balkan prinzessinnen

lepe su te tačke u naslovu:)