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Apres jetlag

After a long New York-Athens flight in economy class, you are feeling as usual — tired and hardly enthusiastic about the prospect of waiting for your connecting flight. Five hours until our flight to Mykonos. For us though, this is perfect five hours to start to defrost. Our defrosting starts as soon as we land, right at the airport.

We exit the airport. Sunshine. Of course. We cross the road to Sofitel Hotel. We sit in the outside cafe and order two Frappes. Ahhh…that familiar taste of Greek coffee…we already feel all the NYC stress starting to slowly drip off our bodies…we still have a lot to go to completely defrost but we feel it has started…

After coffee, and paying a steep price of 5 euros for it, we enter the hotel, to the 8th floor, to what they call a "Wellness corner".

And wellness corner it is. A spa. With a number of massages to choose from. We get the "jetlag massage". 65 euros for 50 minutes. 50 minutes of heaven. I fell asleep on the table. Feeling hot bubbles underneath my back. Some kind of special mud. I don’t care what it is. It feels unbelievably good. I just smile. I am in Greece and I am starting to defrost.

After the shower, I feel I would have paid 65 euros just for that shower and the comfortable bathrob that I didn’t want to take off. I look at my sister. She doesn’t look like she spent 10 hours in economy class. She is ready for Mykonos. And so am I. We say "ef haristo" (thank you) 50 times to the maseusse and we exit feeling like million dollars.

We are now ready for our 20 minute flight to Mykonos and everything that awaits us there.


By danijela on Oct 31, 2004 in


I like the mood on this photo.