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Spring Plus

This is one of the most favorite days in the year for us. It is the first full day of spring that injects us with fresh energy and thoughts of new beginnings. It is also the birthday of 1/3 of our team, so even more reason for feeling good.

To start fresh, we added the second edition to our small urban garden of two plants. The white orchid is sitting happy in the 8°C sun in Harlem, NYC.

Happy birthday and happy spring to all.

By danijela on Mar 21, 2004 in


Aside from all the birthday phone calls and laughs I had this morning, I got some spring-is-here flowers delivered to my place. Highlight of the delivery was the message, originally typed by girls in Serbian and than hand written by a Canadian florist, who certainly does not speak the language. You gotta respect the uniqueness of such a service ;)