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Ongoing changes

Finally I found some time to say few words and follow up with the latest changes here on krug2ke. It’s been quiet here for some time. There are so many things and so little time, but we all know that :)


  • Super easy Markdown is in da house. I went through posts and switched everything down. Feed readers please ignore updated items since updates are related to HTML markup only. Note to girls: Writing posts is now dead easy.
  • Link to our long awaited and well hidden Gallery is now part of the top level navigation. The biggest news within the gallery is the header images archive, which, in album view also looks like a bunch of PEZ candys :). Detailed image locations & descriptions are coming soon.
  • With two recent sub-posts, it is my pleasure to officially introduce Danica (a.k.a. Dacili). Danica recently contributed with two personal texts (in Serbian), more to come.
  • I got rid of the geeky stuff from the footer and replaced them with links to site feeds. In case you don’t know, feeds are short summary of what’s new on our site. Once you subscribe to feed, you will get notified about new posts and will be able to read them. If your local RSS or Atom guru is busy at the moment, check out kids’ favourite - Bloglines service.
  • From other departments, I decided this year to switch from snowboarding to skiing. Huuu-huu!
By saki on Oct 21, 2004 in

Comments (Add yours)

From Snowboarding to Skiing?!! Why? Thats blasphemy! ;)

Well I hope it is smooth transition for you, becuase it never was for me. :0

And Im glad to see that Gallery has come out of hiding and the header images are for all to see.

Re: Snowboarding

Well, I guess I just want to master both and make my final decision through experience :))

I noticed that in general people did the opposite way, but that’s probably because they learned skiing when they were younger. Oh well…

Bravo maco. Znaci bila pauza za kokice i male tehnicke izmene :)
By the way: Svi znamo koji je heder imao najvise poseta i zasto :)

By the way: Svi znamo koji je heder imao najvise poseta i zasto :)

koji, koji?? reci i meni :)
beso d