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Balkan hot step - live

Earlier this year, I wrote about N.O.A.H.’s hot tune with the elements of Balkan beat. For those of you who enjoyed it, here is another jewel, this time coming from the Sugar Beats Band.

Their jazzy version of N.O.A.H’s Balkan hot step was recorded and aired for The Other Side show two weeks ago and I had a blast listening to it over at Simon’s Basic Soul radio show. This was band’s first live perfomance so check out the other tracks and mixes as well.

Ladies and gentlemen, live and accoustic:
The Sugar Beats Band — "Balkan hot step" (Real Audio stream, 7 min.)

By saki on Nov 10, 2004 in


Ahh…I must say thank you for pointing this remix out. I have been moving my feet to it all day long.

And I must also give praise to internet radio, for the accessibility of music it brings to all!

Where else can you hear such great tracks such as the Sugar Beats band remix of Balkan hot step and High Contrasts beautiful late summer track, Lovesick, in the same playlist!!! ;)