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BGYSS - Munchies

Belgradeyard Sound System recently released new EP called "Munchies". This morning I heard it for the first time in Simon’s Basic Soul Radio Show on Radio 42 and decided to link it here for your listening pleasure :)

The BGYSS - Munchies EP, members photo on yellow cover
To check out Munchies’ agitating sax and fat bass, tune into Basic Soul archived stream (Real Audio stream, first track, 00:30 - 06:06) or visit Juno records’ catalogue and listen to one minute samples from all 3 tracks.

More info on upcoming 12" can be found on Cosmic Sounds label.

Feel it!

By saki on Nov 3, 2004 in


Kind of a raw sound. Definitely something refreshing.

Great for the crew from BGYSS.
I have been following their work since Soundscapes in Rex and evenings in Dollar. They have a drive and it certainly shows. Not only locally but globally they have been making appearances in various music locations.

I was pleasantly surprised to see them on the list of acts this past winter at Transmediale and then in Tonic,NY few months back when I had a chance to meet them for the first time. I like what they do. Besides regularly nourishing the Belgrade electronic music scene with their Wednesday after-midnight set on B92, they also bring talented and known DJs and musicians to the city, organizing electronic music festivals and workshops.

And judging from there European clubs agenda, they seem to have no problem when it comes to getting visas. That makes it all even more impressive :)

very much, in that sense:)