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First Day of Summer 2003

Rain, Clouds, 18C in New York on the first day of summer :(

This time last year we were swimming in the Adriatic anticipating our trip to Turkey with mom and nana…ah…

Let’s celebrate though. We are going back for another round of adventures on August 1st :)))

By danijela on Jun 21, 2003 in

back to back

Posle kratkog izleta u uzvrelom Njudzi, Lolek se vratio u prolećni laid back Vancouver. Nekoliko pročitanih delova "Constructing Accessible Web Sites" knjige i lagani dremež učinili su da nepunih 5 sati leta proleti brže nego očekivano.

By saki on May 26, 2003 in 1 comment

Urban Decay

For the past few years, due to economic hardships, Belgrade, along with the whole county has undergone a sharp change from an urban city to a city that feels like a small-provincial town. One thing that reinforces this is the public transportation system, which to most cities, adds to the feel of a truly urban environment. In Belgrade, that feeling has been taken away. This article illustrates this. Continue reading »

By kuma on Apr 1, 2002 in

Trans Lens


p>Like a ping-pong ball caught in a neverending rally, Alexander Stikich continuously changes directions, shifting between shooting material for his next short movie on one side and taking photographs on the other. It was during a rare interlude - during a private party at the PS1 museum in New York that we met Alex, who in a large mass of people found himself next to us, close enough to hear and understand our conversation in Serbian. Continue reading »

By danijela on Apr 1, 2002 in

Branding the future

In the last ten years, six republics of the former Yugoslavia earned, along with their independence, new paper power. Unfortunately, all six missed the chance to reflect new identities through the design. Well thought out concept and good design were scared off by handicapped fonts, unsatisfied faces, and creative restrictions—no sign of women, youth, or the 21st century. Only complete creative impotency. Continue reading »

By kuma on Apr 1, 2002 in

Fractal Phonemes

This is a part of my MA project from 1998 at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design in London. It is about finding a new editorial structure that mirrors the content of a text better than the codex book format does, or set with typefaces as they commonly look today.

The phonetic alphabet we use in western society today was developed at the same time as the euclidean geometry, around year 600 BC. Therefore it is easy to understand why it is built up by squares, circles and straight lines. Continue reading »

By kuma on Apr 1, 2002 in

Emotions on the wall

A common criterion to guage a painting’s relative "success" is whether or not a viewer even remembers it when seeing it a second time. Among the paintings once again recognized are paintings by Miloš Stevanović.

Their simplicity, most striking in his faceless bodies, is an emotional episode, an unspoken truth, a burst of ever-ripe remembrance. At first glance melancholy, his themes gradually morphe into warm and subtle presentaions of life’s fragments. In all things presented it’s hard not to recognize oneself in an experience that belongs to the other. Continue reading »

By kuma on Apr 1, 2002 in