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Moving on down

That number was our metro stop for three years. Tomorrow we are moving
70+ blocks down, to our new destination, still loyal to the west side.

New phase, new faces, new stories. We are ready, boxes packed and thoughts turned to conquering four flights of stairs — no elevator.

And we did find an even better apartment. Not with one but two terraces. No comment on this as I still can’t believe it myself.

I guess another lesson, an obvious one, comes out of the whole ordeal of losing an apartment and then finding an even better one: Things are not always as bad as they seem. Just keep thinking that there must be a good reason why things happened the way they did. That’s right… this theory applies to apartments, as well as to all the men and women in your lives who you thought were ideal but then never quite worked out.

You never knew that searching for an apartment can be so enlightening…now you know :)

Good bye Harlem.

By danijela on Jun 30, 2004 in