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7 keys

Do you measure the simplicity of your life by the number of keys you carry around on a daily basis?

I carry 7 keys around on a daily basis - front door of my apartment building key, mailbox key, upper lock of my apartment key, bottom lock of my apartment key, office key, bathroom key at work, my parent’s apartment key.

Too many keys. And none are a perfect key combination.

My perfect key number would be 2: Continue reading »

By danijela on Aug 4, 2004 in

Moving on down

That number was our metro stop for three years. Tomorrow we are moving
70+ blocks down, to our new destination, still loyal to the west side.

New phase, new faces, new stories. We are ready, boxes packed and thoughts turned to conquering four flights of stairs — no elevator.

And we did find an even better apartment. Not with one but two terraces. No comment on this as I still can’t believe it myself. Continue reading »

By danijela on Jun 30, 2004 in

Wonderful Lessons in Life

Perhaps my trip to Greece is to blame. I came back so relaxed that my brain has a hard time responding to the usual speed of life in NYC. And here, you cannot afford to relax. You have to stay on top of things, even when finding an apartment.

And apartment we did find. One that we really really liked. And we did get approved and we were about to sign the lease on Friday, but, as I’ve found out about half an hour ago, we did lose it to someone else who was ready to occupy it immediately. Continue reading »

By danijela on Jun 9, 2004 in 2 comments

Day Off from NYC

Striking a balance between work and play in New York doesn’t come easy. You really have to try at it. This imbalance is especially difficult for us - the Balkan kids, born in a culture where life revolves around working to live, not living to work. We are yet to be convinced that going on a strictly planned group vacation at the age of 64, is the way to do it :) Continue reading »

By danijela on Apr 25, 2004 in 1 comment