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7 keys

Do you measure the simplicity of your life by the number of keys you carry around on a daily basis?

I carry 7 keys around on a daily basis - front door of my apartment building key, mailbox key, upper lock of my apartment key, bottom lock of my apartment key, office key, bathroom key at work, my parent’s apartment key.

Too many keys. And none are a perfect key combination.

My perfect key number would be 2:

  • Key to my car
  • Key to my boyfriend’s apartment

Looking at the present number of 7 and being that none are part of my perfect 2 key world, I am way off from that simple 2 key life that tops everything else in the world.

No car and no boyfriend. Yet 7 keys on my chain. And I never get the right one.


Not the one I have in mind.

By danijela on Aug 4, 2004 in