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Day Off from NYC

Striking a balance between work and play in New York doesn’t come easy. You really have to try at it. This imbalance is especially difficult for us - the Balkan kids, born in a culture where life revolves around working to live, not living to work. We are yet to be convinced that going on a strictly planned group vacation at the age of 64, is the way to do it :)

Well, to pull ourselves from our computers, we took a day off from the chaos of NYC. This is our recipe for a small getaway in search for an urgent dose of nature and escape from the constant clicking of send/receive:

  • Rent a white land rover
  • Burn some good music (Ben Watt, Weekend Players, …)
  • Start driving towards Hamptons
  • Go to the beach and walk

The trick is to go at this time of the year when the weather is still a bit cold and the beaches are empty. Highly recommended for all people who believe that balance is the way to live.

By danijela on Apr 25, 2004 in


E, tu smo mi na brdovitom Balkanu uvek u prednosti. Nakon posla otrcis na novosadski Shtrand ili Ribarac, bacis se u neki hlad i uz pivo ili neku drugu rashladjenu tekucinu, sa drustvom bistris aktuelnu politiku ili sport.